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Commercial Real Estate

With experience in all aspects of real estate, we will artfully represent you in all of your pursuit’s.  We provide practical solutions to get the deal done, often turning what seemed like an obstacle into an opportunity. 


Contracts form the basis for nearly all business transactions.  Drafting the right contract provisions is as much an art as a legal exercise.  We will blend the art and science of contract formation to make sure your contracts serve your business and protect your interests to the fullest extent possible. 

Real Estate Development

The complex and risky field of real estate development requires experienced and proven representation.  With 25 years of experience, rest assured you have that on your side.  We know the pitfalls and can guide you through the process, whether it’s your first project or you are a seasoned veteran.  We are able to solve the problems that may stop others

Permitting & Entitlement

Federal, State and local permitting and entitlements can make or break your project.  We have the skill and experience to present your project before the appropriate agencies and local groups that will influence your project so that the result is a win-win.

Land Use

With experience representing land owners and governmental agencies, we know how to obtain the best result for your project.  Many other professionals do not understand the reasoning behind requests from governmental agencies.  Since we have experience on that side of the table, we know the motivations and can shortcut many areas of the process. 


Having represented both land owners and governmental agencies, we can navigate the seemingly daunting zoning process and coordinate with multiple agencies simultaneously.  We have had success even with controversial projects and sensitive environmental concerns.  When viewed properly the zoning process can be an area of great potential.

Commercial Lease Transactions

Whether it’s a small retail shop or a large industrial space, having the right lease can help make your business flourish and protect your interests.  With hundreds of commercial lease transactions, we can craft the best lease solutions for your business.


The construction field is fraught with dangers.  Don’t go into a construction contract without the proper protections and advise.  Don’t just rely on form agreements.  Protect yourself with skilled representation.  If you do find yourself stuck in a situation, we have experience resolving these problems as well. 

Real Estate Finance

We handle large complex financial transactions as well as the small simple transactions.  Every transaction is unique and deserves the best in legal representation and attention.  We can get your deal closed while protecting your interests to the fullest extent possible.

General Corporate

We can guide you through entity selection and formation, stock transfers, membership transfers, agreements and resolutions along with a whole host of corporate requirements.  Succession planning, retirement planning, transition of control along with mergers and acquisitions are all key components to successful corporate planning.  We can help create and implement these strategies. 

Business Transactions

Chances are we have seen it before and if not we have the skill and experience to handle it.  Since we take the time to listen to your concerns and combine that with our knowledge and experience your transaction will be enhanced by our skilled representation.   

Asset Purchase & Sale

Selling or buying a business can be one of the most important events in your professional life.  Rest assured that your transaction will be handled with skill and expertise by an attorney that will provide the attention and representation that it deserves. 

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